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CSD’s  Full Electric

Our dredges are of a future proof design. The energy source can be chosen based on available solutions and/or local requirements. The flexibility allows exchange of the power supply when new technologies and fuels are available or economically viable.​

Power supply CSD’s

Our range of standardized dredges are designed for multiple types of fuel and therefore ready for the future. The power can be generated by gensets running on (bio) diesel, LNG or H2 on the dredge or on shore. It can also be connected to the power grid, now or later, making it a zero emission dredge.​

Conventional/Methanol generator set
H2 fuel cell

Dredge Components

Dredge Automation & Instrumentation

This advanced dredging automation system, crafted for the modern dredging industry, seamlessly integrates environmental efficiency, operational optimization, and precise performance. Engineered to integrate with diverse dredging vessels, it is flexibly adaptable to specific needs. With a user-centric design, placing the operator at the forefront, the system provides transparent project management capabilities and advanced reporting features. Key features include scalability, allowing the system to be tailored to the demands of various vessels. It optimizes the accuracy of dredging operations, enhancing quality and expediting project delivery. Equipped with a high-quality control system, it ensures robust and seaworthy performance.This dredging automation system offers a versatile and user-friendly solution for dredging projects of varying scales, with a focus on environmentally conscious and efficient operations.
Explore cutting-edge instrumentation tailored for land, dredging and marine vessel operations, catering specifically to the demanding needs of the dredging industry. Specialized in optimizing processes for offshore, wind and maritime sectors, our focus is on ensuring data accuracy and reliability. Our modular enclosures, designed with the unique challenges of the dredging business in mind, provide robust protection for measuring instruments in various applications—be it inboard, outboard or subsea. Our product range includes water-resistant sensors, pressure and speed sensors, taut wire, junction boxes and cables, streamlining stock management. Our comprehensive support includes essential accessories and on-board maintenance during shipyard repairs. Benefit from a tailored approach to instrumentation in the dynamic field of dredging.
The ultimate industrial data hub for real-time insights across ships, offshore platforms, and buildings. Analyze data to the millisecond, effortlessly create customized dashboards, and trace changes without limitations. Operating fully without a cloud connection, this datahub ensures uninterrupted access, providing detailed data at 1000 measurements per second. Its brand-independent connectivity seamlessly integrates with various sensors and PLCs. It’s user-friendly design allows immediate deployment, with proven success stories in diverse industrial applications. Revolutionize your data management with this datalogger, a catalyst for efficiency and innovation.

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