Our mission

Bringing all stakeholders in the Dredging Industry to a higher level in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability by developing or presenting the right technologies.

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Our vision

We believe in challenging the way of doing business:

  • We strive for simplicity, in our products and in our way of cooperation
  • We strive for bridging the knowledge and to develop new concepts
  • We strive for transparency and open contact between customers and suppliers


Approx. 50 projects are executed for Customers in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and the Middle East.

TSHD examples:

  • Concept designs of several hopper dredgers 2000 – 11000 m3
  • Submerged dredge pump unit design 4000kW
  • Draghead designs
  • Training and operation of hopper dredger (4000 m3)
  • Production calculations for several Customers​​

CSD/WSD examples:

  • Concept designs of several CSD’s
  • Upgrade of an existing 900 mm CSD (increase in dredging depth)
  • Cutter platform design
  • CSD Simulator delivery
  • Training of CSD personnel​​